Front-end Developer and Designer.

Don’t know how to build a website or don’t have the time? We’d like to help realize your idea. Click on one of the button to get started.

JB GlobalWatchlist Project
Fair price

We offer a fair price that exactly matches the project, no extra costs for things you don't need.

Fast delivery

We always try to deliver our projects as quickly as possible so that your customers can find you on the web as quickly as possible.

Professional services

We always deliver professional work, so that you come across as professional to your customers.

Responsive Design

All our website / design are responsive, which means it looks good and is functional on every device.

From design to a real website

Have you always been curious about how a website is created? Let us explain it for you. It all starts with a website design that is then turned into a real website.

JB Process image

Curious what I've made?

These are some projects of mine I've developed for customers or personal development. Interested in working with me? Contact me here.

JB Siemens Concept WordPress Project

Concept website for Siemens

To practice with a WordPress theme I've made this concept website for Siemens

GlobalWatchlist App design

Appdesign to become better in designing apps and to understand how apps work

JB Siemens Concept WordPress Project